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About Us


Selki Watersport (originally Sailing Gear for Women and Girls) was started after coming to the realization that it can be really hard to find performance sailing clothing designed for women. The change of name to Selki Watersport came about because it's not just female sailors that are looking for high-tech clothing that is comfortable, fits well and looks good. This online shop specializes in women’s styles and sizes from a range of leading brands.

Values – As we see more women both embrace and achieve recognition in a range of watersports, it becomes increasingly important to ensure that high performance clothing is available for them. Where possible, we test the gear we sell and strive to give an honest appraisal and advice. Understanding the importance of a good fit, we also have a generous exchange policy.

In addition to providing clothing, we are about encouraging female participation in a range of water activities and recognizing their achievements big and small. Connect by following us on FacebookInstagramNewsletter to find out more about water sport events, our newest and latest products, reviews and much more.

Why Selki Watersport? – Being active in a range of watersports, we understand sometimes unisex S, M, L is just not good enough. Most of the clothing we stock is in women’s sizes so you have more choice of styles and brands in one place. Not everything is available in women’s sizes though, so you will also find some Unisex items but only those that meet the criteria of optimal fit and performance.

We connect with female athletes and stay abreast of new products and designs to ensure you have access to the right clothing for the sport.

Selki Watersport travels and you will see us at various events. It’s a great opportunity to try something on and find out more about the products we have available.

We are always open to suggestions on how we can ensure we are doing what’s right for you. Feel free to contact us with any questions about the products we stock or regarding any items you think would make a great addition to our wide range of apparel. Email Us

Susannah Gillam