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Being Wet is Warm

Developments continue to shape performance in our sports, and wetsuits are often an important part of the kit. Here is  snap shot of the sort of things you need to consider and research when buying one.
About Wetsuit Neoprene
Neoprene for wetsuits comes in sheets of varying thickness. Depending on the application they typically range from 1 to 7 mm thick.  Because neoprene alone is easily torn, a layer of fabric can be laminated onto one or both surfaces.  This can be any number of materials ranging from spandex blends to fleecy linings and the type of fabric has a big influence on the overall properties of the wetsuit.
Staying Warm
Wetsuits work by trapping a small warm layer of moisture between the body and the neoprene in the wetsuit and because neoprene (which has air pockets) is a good insulator, heat loss is significantly reduced.  Out of the water though,  additional windproof layers may be required to keep the heat in.
The Importance of Fit
To be effective wetsuits should fit well so that the warm layer of water isn’t flushed away. However, wetsuits that are too tight will be uncomfortable, restrict movement and put unnecessary strain on the fabric and seams reducing the effectiveness and lifetime of the suit.
Wetsuits for Different Activities

Westuits will vary depending on the sport and water temperature but some things are common to good quality wetsuits.

  • The thicker the wetsuit the warmer they are.
  • Stretchy suits are easier to fit.
  • Designed so that seams are placed in areas which will not restrict movement. Also Gussets at the crotch or under the arms for the same reason.
  • Flat seams for comfort using Flatlock or Blind stitching.
Wetsuits often have incorporated design features to suit specific sports Whilst you can wear a surfing wetsuit sailing, it won't have the reinforced back panel protection. We always include these features in our product description so you know if the item is fit for purpose.
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